A downloadable game for Windows

you fool. you absolute buffoon. you think you can challenge me in my own realm? you think you can rebel against my authority? you dare come into my house and upturn my dining chairs and spill coffee grounds in my Keurig? you thought you were safe in your chain mail armor behind that screen of yours. I will take these laminate wood floor boards and destroy you. I didn’t want war. but i didn’t start it.


Where's Wally 245 MB


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I didn't like it, the game is as blend as stock photos.

Shooting fat Waldo's are funny, but there are no models other than that.

The walls, sky, sounds, everything is just an Unreal Engine stock walls, literally. At least change the texture of the walls, and gun models. 

Gameplay is alright, but the game is as empty as the backrooms. Improve your models and textures.

hope you enjoy :D